Vision & Success Metrics

We partner with our clients to define the what, why and who of the event – the vision, goals, tactics and measurements. The resulting document is the foundation for every step that follows.


Audience Mix Analysis

A thorough review of the audience types required to meet event goals.


Content Mapping

We work closely with your content development team (or act as one) to make sure that all elements match the outlined short and long-term organizational objectives.



Speaker Acquisition and Logistics

We help brainstorm and then acquire speakers who fit and enhance your content plan. We track all logistical elements to make the speaker experience smooth from start to finish, including on-site tech checks and rehearsals.



Communication Plans

We map the most efficient lines of communication for sharing and receiving information, both within the project team as well as with your external audiences.


Registration Logic

Registration is a critical process that should not be undervalued. Choosing the right registration system ensures you reach the desired audience mix. We are fluent in many software systems and can recommend one to fit your needs.


Branding & Promotion

We consult with you on the look and tone of your conference, from the on-site stage and signage plan through to registration outreach emails.



Roles & Responsibilities

We define the individual responsibilities of all team members - both Client and Caspian - so we can most efficiently and effectively operate as a team.



We determine the step-by-step task list and to-dos. The timeline becomes the guide by which deadlines are met and execution is efficient.



We help you define financial guidelines for the event and negotiate with vendors for the best prices. We lay out how audience fluctuations will affect your numbers, and we can provide forecasts and an executive summary.


I received a level of service that far exceeded my expectations. They provided creative ideas for our conference and wise counsel, all while managing the details of the event. Needless to say, the execution was flawless.

Paula Ambrose
Director of National Partnerships, Playworks