We’ll take you from blank sheet of paper to brand new convening, or partner with you to refresh an existing event that’s gotten a bit tired. Our Caspian 10 Essentials™ methodology ensures a solid, inspiring business plan for your next event.

  • Set and achieve high level business objectives
  • Conceive and create an entirely new event
  • Breathe new life into an old event structure
  • Assess pros & cons, audience, marketing, and budget
  • Create a plan and get to approval in 4-8 weeks


Adopting the 10 Essentials process allows your organization to get back to core business, knowing that your events are on track.

Immerse your team in our proven system of best practices and replicable success. With our Caspian 10 Essentials™ Training, your team comes together for two to three days of intensive learning and workshop-style meetings*. We’ll cover topics from marketing to bundled accounting to executive suite management as you master the Essentials and learn to create your own compelling Event Business Plans.

* training can take place in-person or via skype



From conception to completion, we are here to offer insight and advice on your next event or provide custom training for your team. Our consulting services are available for the duration of your project or on an as-needed basis.

Frequent topics include:

Revenue models • Finding the right time & place • Creating the right audience mix • Building value versus cutting costs • Attendee engagement • Technology tools • Risk management • International meetings • Adding meaning and CSR • Event team development • Internal systems diagnostic • Post-event analysis • And more.



Our process provides for an efficient, yet creative way of mapping content and formats to design the best event possible. We map each content segment back to the Success Metrics to ensure you hit your organizational objectives while also paying close attention to the human experience.


“This changed my view of event management, especially resourcing and sponsorship. Heather has a talent for engaging people, whilst at the same time delivering informative, relevant cases derived from many years in the industry.”

“We plan to use this training to impress upon management the importance of investing appropriately in events rather than treating them as just another ‘party’.”

Swansea University Training Attendees